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Under Ciné-Asie’s administration, AmérAsia Montreal Asian Film Festival showcases independent Asian and/or Asian-Canadian Cinema and media arts that are often inaccessible to the Montreal public. It invites the audience to think critically about the intercultural exchanges between Asia and Canada.


AmérAsia comes from a blend of the words “Amérique” and “Asia.” AmérAsia serves as a platform for creative and cultural networking among emerging independent Asian and/or Asian-Canadian filmmakers, professionals in the film and media arts fields, and Montrealers who are savvy about cinema and Asian culture. The festival hosts film screenings (from shorts, animation, documentaries, features to experimental); artistic workshops; video presentations and/or competitions; seminars and masterclasses about prominent film directors and their artistic visions through close-analysis of remarkable films; round-table discussions with a panel of media arts experts, and many more!


Let us not forget about the delicious Asian food served during our opening and closing cocktail receptions! Attendees are invited to join and meet our organization team and have the opportunity to talk with featured guests. AmérAsia is after all an ‘all-you-can-eat-Cinema’!


Stay updated on the development of the festival by following us on our facebook page (link to insert )



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