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One Piece Film’s Winners!

One Piece Film’s Winners!

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Announcement of the One Piece Film winners


Taking place on the opening day of AmérAsia Montreal Asian Film Festival, October 30, at the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts, the Inauguration of the One Piece Film event had its first edition. This event welcomed family and friends of the challenge’s participants, films scholars and professors, and intercultural communities representatives.

Five one-take videos were presented and each lasted almost 5 minutes (the maximum length of the challenge). The participants maximized the runtime of their project to explore new aesthetic movements and techniques in using their technology device (camera, smartphone, tablet, etc.) in the practice of the one-take.

Here is a breakdown of the listing and winners*:

  1. Soirs d’octobre by Seung Yeon Hamm & Levin Oneworld (1st place)
  2. Coffin Nails by Karma Productions (3rd place)
  3. Coffin Nails by Karma Productons (People’s Choice)

The prizes are 500$ of rental or post-productions services at Main Film, 4 coupons of 20$/each at Japanese restaurant-bar Kyozon, and 2 tickets to the performance NeoIndigenA offered by MAI.

*Conditions to Main Film’s prize: This credit is non-transferrable, cannot be redeemed for cash, and cannot be transferred to another person. Insurance costs, Main Film membership fee and applicable taxes are not covered by this certificate. Valid to October 31, 2015.

The jury members were

Kidlat TahimikFilipino filmmaker; Peter Rist, film scholar and professor at Concordia University; Marie Botifilmmaker and producer at Multi-Monde; and Céline Pereira, Immediation project manager at SenseLab.

Ciné-Asie appreciates all of the participants, sponsors and partners for One Piece Film challenge that was presented at the 4th edition of AmérAsia Montreal Asian Film Festival and promises its coming back for the 2nd edition.

*Unfortunately the 2nd prize winner who never shown up themselves and no further communications with the festival over 50 days after the event, therefore the prize was withdrawn by the sponsor of Cine-Asie. The first edition had no 2nd winner.



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