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AmérAsia Montreal Asian Film Festival 2014


Peering Committee members

Anuj Khosla, Financing and Accounting administrator at Eyesteel Film

Céline Pereira, Budget & Residencies Manager for Immediations at SenseLab Concordia University

Christian Proteau, Secretary at Musée des point-calière

Nadia Rousseau, Treasure Secretary at Black History Month

Toni Pape, Researcher at Universite de Montreal

Wayne Chen, C.A.

Mi-Jeong Lee, Independent Filmmaker and Multimedia artist


STAFF, AmérAsia 2014

Mi-Jeong Lee, Artistic Director

Anuj Khosla, Administrator

Amanda Nguyen, General Coordinator (Contractor: August 21 – November 2, 2014)

Stéphane Dubray, Web Programmer and Online Marketing consultant

Dravin Ramassamy, Graphic Artist

Laurine Jousserand, Graphic Artist

Nina Patterson, Content Editor and Proofreader

Seung-Yeon Hamm, Photographer and doment archiver

JingJing Li, Accountant



INTERNS, AmérAsia 2014

Hera Chan, Assistant Coordinator (Internship period: September 09 – November 02, 2014)

Ye Zheng, Assistant Accountant (Internship period: July 01 – November 02, 2014)



VOLUNTEERS, AmérAsia 2014

Jessica Wong Mew Wah, Marketing and Web Content

Andy Han Wang, Sponsorship and Hospitality

Vanessa Preddie, Communication and Hospitality

Aubrey Wang, Promotion

Jielin Liu, Promotion


THANKS to your support for the AmérAsia 2014!

Caroline De Franciosi, Clara Sung, Elia Sommerland. Fred Zheng, Tracey Cui, Anne-Marie Vézina, Janet Lumb, Michael Topping and many more.

Special thanks go to the moving image artist, David Costanzo, who produced the extraordinary promotional trailers for the 4th edition of the AmérAsia! Once again, we express our sincere appreciation to Mr. Costanzo.


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