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Use a flame, a source of light to dispel the darkness and sustain life.

As dawn turns to dusk, men of surrounding villages of a great mountain set off in search of fire; A  celebration of traditions and myths, Fuoco (Fire, Atar) is a story embedded in the Iranian culture and directly connected to the representation of fire in the Zoroastrian religion and Persian literature. Although this is a narrative film and composed of a fictional story, the story itself borrows from specific ritual practices in the Iranian culture and literature.

Director: Raha Shirazi

Year: 2014

Genre: Fiction

Length: Short

Runtime: 8mins


Country: Canada/Italy

Language: No dialogue

Production and Sales Company: B5 Productions

As a Canadian-Iranian filmmaker and artist, Raha Shirazi’s works have premiered at the Toronto International film festival (2007, 2011 and 2014), in additional to circulating at international film festivals worldwide. Her work has been described as “poetic, sophisticated, and insightful.” And her passion for not only film but the arts in general has inspired her to participate in several inter-disciplinary creative projects, which blend film, theater, and architecture through collaboration with other talented artists across disciplines. Her most recent film, Fuoco, a Canadian-Italian co-production, will premier at the 2014 Toronto International Film Festival in competition. Raha holds an MFA from New York University and a joint diploma from NYU and Famue Film School in the Czech Republic. She is currently completing a residency in Italy where she is working on her upcoming feature-length film.

2014 Toronto International Film Festival



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