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“La Salada” is a patchwork depicting the experience of new immigrants in Argentina told through three stories that take place in “La Salada” – the largest informal market in Argentina. A group of characters, from different ethnic origins, struggles against loneliness and uprooting.

Korean immigrant Mr. Kim (Chang Sun Kim) operates a very successful clothing stand in the market and lives with his nineteen-year-old daughter Yunjin (Yunseon Kim), who translates for him. Troubles begin when young Argentine Luciano (Nicolás Mateo) catches Yunjin’s attentions and she begins to doubt her upcoming marriage to the Korean boy approved by her father. Meanwhile, Mr. Kim begins an unexpected friendship with eighteen-year-old Bruno (Limbert Ticona), who has recently entered Argentina illegally with his uncle. This mosaic of immigrant experience is rounded out by the story of lovelorn Huang (Ignacio Huang), who spends his days selling pirated DVDs and his evenings watching Argentine films, hoping they will offer a glimpse into the culture of his adopted homeland.

La Salada depicts its characters’ experience as one of heart-rending limbo: they’re not at home in Argentina, yet they no longer belong to the countries they were born in. It’s a middle ground that the marketplace seems to embody, and in exploring its myriad stalls and spaces, Martin Hsu’s gorgeous film captures the singular spirit of a fascinating reality.

Director : Juan Martin Hsu

Year : 2014

Genre : Fiction

Length : Feature

Runtime : 92mins


Country : Argentina

Language : Spanish/Korean/Mandarin/Quechan (English sub)

Production and Sales Company : Sudestada Cine

Cast: Ignacio Huang, Yunseon Kim, Chang Sun Kim, Nicolás Mateo, Mimí Ardú, Paloma Contreras, Limbert Ticona, Lizeth Villaroel, Percy Jiménez

Executive Producer: Ignacio Rey, Gastón Rothschild

Producer: Ignacio Rey, Gastón Rothschild

Screenplay: Juan Martín Hsu

Cinematographer: Tebbe Schöningh

Editor: Anita Remón

Sound: Nicolás Torchinsky

Music: Diego Polischer

Production Designer: Ángeles Frinchaboy, María Eugenia Tomé, Renata Gelosi

Juan Martín Hsu was born in Buenos Aires on November 12, 1979. He studied “Image and Sound Design” at the University of Buenos Aires. He shot several short films as director. He worked in documentary films and advertising. He was also editor of several documentary series. His first motion picture, “La Salada”, produced by Sudestada Cine.

2014 Toronto International Film Festival

Quebec premiere


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