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MORE THAN HERE: Midnight to 4AM

MORE THAN HERE: Midnight to 4AM

  |   Multi-Media Exhibition, PRACTITIONERS LAB

MORE THAN HERE/ Plus qu’ici: Midnight to 4AM by Mi-Jeong Lee, 15′ multi-media video installation.

Mi-Jeong Lee invites you to the presentation of her research-creation project entitled: “Plus qu’ici – MORE THAN HERE” at Musée des beaux arts de Montreal.  The multi-media installation embarks the moment of living itself through different time-lapses in landscapes. This multi-media exhibition was created in collaboration with many artists from different disciplines, video, photo, painting, music, graphics, performance and public’s participants.

Mi-Jeong Lee vous invite à la présentation de son projet de recherche-création intitulé : « Plus qu’ici – More than Here », au Musée des Beaux-arts de Montréal. Cette installationmulti-média a été réalisé en collaboration avec plusieurs artistes issus de différentes disciplines : vidéo, photographie, peinture, musique, design graphique, performance ainsi que des participants du public.

*Practitioner‘s Lab (PL) offers an exhibition space to artists who work on research/creation in media and multidisciplinary arts, that are related with any aspect of Asian content, and support them in completing their research/creation project. The selected works are not limited to any one institution. The PL will soon expand to launch artist residency programs to exchange works and artists between Asia and Canada. This year, Mi Jeong Lee, the multidisciplinary artist and Ph. D candidate at l’UQAM, will exhibit her video installation, MORE THAN HERE: Midnight to 4AM, in the cinematic form.

Direction, conceptualization and choreography: Mi-Jeong Lee

Director of Photography: Ariel Poupart

Editing and Animation: Laurine Jousserand

Artist in collaboration with Yong Dai Choi, Painter “La Foret (Black and White)”

Production Design: Mi-Jeong Lee

Voice Acting: Laurine Jousserand, Mi-Jeong Lee

Content Editing: Nina Patterson, Jacques Desbiens

Improvised Sound Design in cinema: John Jacob Courtney

Sound Recording and sound effects: Louis Aka-Trudel

Props:  Seung-Yeon Hamm

Incorporated materials and collaborated artists

Photos of ‘Sunrise and Sunset: 정지윤

Book of ‘Always More Than One: Individuation’s Dance: Erin Manning

Personal Photos: Yong Dai Choi, Erin Manning, Pierre Jutras, Claude-Yves Charron, Young-Rae Yang, Byung-Ryul Lee

Performance: Seung-Yeon Hamm, Kidlat Tahimik, Nina Patterson, Geun Lee, Erin Manning, Françoise Jean and pubic

Thanks to: El Van, Hyun Kim, Joanne Lalonde, Service de l’audio-Visual à l’UQAM, AmérAsia Montreal Asian Film Festival, Senselab

Production: Leega Films @2014

Mi-jeong Lee is a Canadian independent multidisciplinary artist in film, writing, video, and curating born in Seoul, South Korea. Her first film script, Naked Fish, received a script development funding from National Film Board of Canada in 1995, while she was a foreign student; her artistic practice merged to film/video production from this occurrence.

Lee began her professional career as a journalist in 1984 and began to integrate the media arts since her migration to Montreal in 1993. As a minority living in Montreal, she became intricately interested in the issues of Asian culture and identity in Canadian society. As such, she founded Asian film centered institutions; Ciné-Asie, AmérAsia Montreal Asian Film Festival, Korean Film Festival, and Ciné-Asie Creatives. Her independent film and video works and practices include I Am the Park (2004), Façades (2005), Underground (2007), Breathe (2009), and the video installation piece Turn Around (2008), Picnic (2010). She also published a Korean-language novelization of the Luc Besson’s film Le Grand Bleu (1993). Her first feature film screenplay, Midnight to 4A.M., is in progress, yet has received developmental support from Telefilm and Busan International Film Festival.

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