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Shot over seven years and spanning three generations, My Place is a tenderly crafted love letter charting the personal journey of a family re-discovering themselves and their connection to one another.

Born in Canada, two siblings spent their early childhood in Toronto before migrating back to their homeland of South Korea where they were raised in a more traditional society. While young Emmanuel adjusts easily to his new surroundings, his younger sister has a more difficult time. Feeling lost and frustrated, Peace struggles to assert her identity and eventually returns to Canada to attend university.

But life becomes infinitely more complicated for the entire family when Peace becomes pregnant. Eager to embrace single-motherhood, Peace decides to have the child despite her parents’ concerns. As the family prepares to welcome a new baby into their midst, they must also reconcile the differences that have long divided them.

Director : Emmanuel Moonchil Park

Year : 2013

Genre : Documentary

Length : Feature

Runtime : 77 mins


Country : Korea / Canada

Language : Korean (english subtitles)

Production and Sales company : KT&G Sangsangmadang – Production

Emmanuel Moonchil Park was born and raised in Toronto, Canada, until his family relocated to South Korea when he was 11 years old. He revisits his family’s experience of reverse migration in his 7-year-long personal documentary, My Place.

“It’s a heartfelt message, and one so worth hearing that I really must recommend this film in the strongest possible terms”— William Schwartz, Hancinema

“Best family documentary in years!”— LEE Yong-chul

“A portrait of a nomadic family in the age of globalization”— HWANG Jin-me

“Park deftly weaves the stories of migration, relocation and displacement into his family history, which ultimately offers a resonating cinematic experience.” — Claire Lee, Korea Herald

“My Place is emblematic of changing cultural attitudes, and is a wonderful testament to the love and bonds shared within the family.” — Simon McEnteggart, Hangukyeonghwa

“Park shows a deft balance between being observant and sympathetic.”— YUN Suh-young, Korea Times

“A must see! The director’s own coming of age story is combined with tales of migration, reverse-migration, and the Korean dream. Instead of being sentimental the director successfully incorporates a multitude of issues. A new director to watch!” — LEE Hwa-Jung, Cine21

2013 13th Seoul Independent Documentary Film Festival, Audience Award

2013 14th Jeonju International Film Festival, Audience Critics’ Prize

2013 18th Seoul Human Rights Film Festival

2013 15th International Women’s Film Festival in Seoul

201315th Jeongdongjin Independent Film Festival, Audience Award

20131st Chewsock Film Festival, Audience Award

20131st KT&G Great Feature Length Project Recipient

2013 39th Seoul Independent Film Festival, Jury Prize

2014 Toronto Korean Film Festival

2014 Hot Docs Canadian International Documentary Festival, Official Selection


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