Ciné Asie | Registration for One Piece Film: 72 Hour Challenge Now Open
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Registration for One Piece Film: 72 Hour Challenge Now Open


Registration for One Piece Film: 72 Hour Challenge Now Open


What is the One Piece Film: 72 hour Filmmaking Challenge?

This year, the 4th edition of the AmérAsia Montreal Asian Film Festival is excited to welcome all emerging and professional filmmakers in the Montreal community to participate in the One Piece Film: 72 hour Filmmaking Challenge that will be showcased at the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts. The One Piece Film project invites an individual or group to create a one-take film with a maximum length of 5 minutes using just a camera, smartphone, tablet, or any other device within the time frame of 72 consecutive hours. The title One Piece Film originally came from a series of self-contained anime films from Japan released in the 1990s. This self-contained concept fits well with the idea of a one take film which presents a challenge for any filmmaker to present one concept or idea.


How can I participate?

To participate in the film challenge, participants must fill out a participant form and submit it online by Thursday, October 23rd at 3p.m. Both individual filmmakers and groups are eligible to participate.

There will be a mandatory meeting for all participants on Friday, October 24 at 3pm The SenseLab. There, the theme and guidelines of the film challenge will be announced. Participants will then have 72 hours to complete their films. The final One Piece Film must be submitted before Monday October 27th at 4pm. AmérAsia’s Peer Group will conduct a pre-selection and the final crop of films will be screened once to the public at large and jury members on Thursday, October 30th at the Montreal Fine Arts Museum. All participants will be notified prior to the inauguration screening if their film has progressed past the pre-selection. The pre-selection stage will judge for quality of work and content.

Ciné-Asie – AmérAsia’s motherboard – will act as a distributor for all films that make it past the pre-selection will be compiled into a DVD and will be distributed around the world. The filmmakers retain all copyright to their work and any profit that is garnered by Ciné-Asie’s distribution of the film will also be retained by the filmmaker(s). This is a chance for filmmakers to be promoted and circulated internationally to other film festivals under the banner as one of AmérAsia’s commissioned projects.

Please see below in our “Participant Breakdown” section for a breakdown of the dates and locations of the meetings.
Support the One Piece Film Challenge!

As an independent non-profit arts organization, AmérAsia is asking for your help in funding the One Piece Film Challenge. Your contribution will be used toward the distribution and promotion of films that have made it past the pre-selection, to develop reward packages for the top three winners, and to the AmérAsia Montreal Asian Film Festival at large – for the continuing success and organization of the only Asian film festival in Montreal. Your generous donation to the festival through the Indiegogo campaign will help ensure the festival’s success in future years to come.

For the donors, we offer a great selection of perks including

VIP pass to second part of the festival $90

Erin Manning’s Always More Than One

Catherine Russell Experimental Ethnography

Khavn de la Cruz Philippine New Wave


thank-you credits on our social media and online marketing platforms

invitation to the opening cocktail

le cristal chinois dim sum october 30 meet and greet with filmmakers


Participant Breakdown

Thursday, October 23 at 3pm – form submission date

Complete and submit in full participant form available online here

Friday, October 24 at 3pm – meeting at the SenseLab for all registered participants

The theme, guidelines, prizes, and other details of the challenge will be shared. It will also be a great opportunity for emerging and professional filmmakers to meet.


The SenseLab

Concordia University (Hexagram)

EV Building, 1515 Sainte-Catherine Ouest

10th floor, room 785


Monday, October 27 at 4pm – submission deadline

Submit and upload your One Piece Film to AmérAsia online. The information regarding the method of upload will be provided at the meeting at the SenseLab. Once your work is completed, upload your video on Youtube and provide the screener link to for pre-selection.


Thursday, October 30 at 3:30-5:30pm – inauguration screening of One Piece Films

All films that make past the pre-selection will be screened to the public and to a panel of judges at the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts. All AmérAsia activities at the Museum are free on this date. All participants will be notified prior to the inauguration screening if their film has progressed past the pre-selection. The pre-selection will judge for quality of work and content.



The One Piece Film challenge’s theme has been announced on Oct. 24 at the SenseLab: Time and Stranger Than Paradise by Jim Jarmusch. Participants are required to make a one-take video around the theme of time familiarity/unfamiliarity in Jim Jarmusch’s film Stranger Than Paradise. The rules follow this: a one-take video of maximum 5 minutes produced with the use of camera, smartphone, tablet, or any other device. Image editing is not permitted while sound editing is. The video can be in colour or black&white. Only those who have showed up at last Friday’s meeting are eligible for the first prize at the One Piece Film event while others who have not attended can still submit their work to be screened at Montreal Museum of Fine Arts (Oct. 30) and Phi Centre (Nov. 2).


Jury Members





As a non-profit organization, Ciné-Asie strives to realize its mandate in production, co-productions, and the distribution of independent films to support not only roles within the film industry but also to promote new works by emerging and established Asian-Canadian and Asian media artists.

The AmérAsia Film Festival celebrates Asian culture and its integration in Canada. AmérAsia welcomes everyone to discover the artistic growth of the Asian diaspora and its unique artists working in film and video. The festival is not only a new platform for networking and celebrating Asian-Canadian independent film and video, but is also open to supporting any Asian-themed or Asian-inspired media and digital art.


The SenseLab

The SenseLab is self-described as “as laboratory for thought in motion.” Based in Montreal, the SenseLab is an international network of artists and academics, writers and makers, from a wide diversity of fields, working together at the crossroads of philosophy, art, and activism.

The SenseLab’s product is its process, which is meant to disseminate. The measure of success is the creative momentum that spins off into individual and group practices elsewhere, to seed new processes asserting their own autonomy. The SenseLab makes no claim to ownership, operating as much as possible on the principle of a gift economy


Main Film

Main Film is an artist-run centre for independent filmmakers with the mandate to support and promote independent filmmaking by bringing together the talents, resources and equipment for the realization of independent filmmaking and by providing a n environment of creative ideas and experience exchanges.

Main Film is the official sponsor for the One Piece Film challenge. A 500$ rental and post-production services will be given to one of the winners of the one-take video project at the AmérAsia Montreal Asian Film Festival.

Conditions of prize: This credit is non-transferrable, cannot be redeemed for cash, and cannot be transferred to another person. Insurance costs, Main Film membership fee and applicable taxes are not covered by this certificate. Valid to October 31, 2015.


MAI Gallery

MAI (Montréal, arts interculturels) is an important centre for culturally diverse artistic expression in Montreal through its programming and dissemination of contemporary intercultural art. The MAI presents original works with cultural bonds throughout the globe and supports the creation, production, dissemination and outreach of intercultural arts for a diversified audience.

On the 1st edition of the One Piece Film challenge at AmérAsia film festival, MAI offers two tickets to the NeoIndigenA performance at Kaha:wi Dance Theatre (KDT) in Toronto (Nov. 6-8, 2014) to one of the winners of the challenge.



You and only you, AmérAsia’s audience, are the collaborators and supporters of the One Piece Film challenge. On the Inauguration day of the One Piece Film (Oct. 30), your cash donation at the door will all go to the first winner of the One Piece Film challenge. This event is entirely built on a DIY style.

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