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Yung Chang


Film Director, Writer

Board of Director for Ciné-Asie Film Institute

I grew up as a young Chinese-Canadian kid growing up in small-town Ontario, watching Shaw Brothers classics, Taiwanese cinema and 5th Gen Chinese films. Those were formative years, developing a taste for movies in my native tongue. Later in university, I discovered Hou Hsiao Hsien and the Taiwanese New Wave. They blew my mind: such refined filmmaking emanating a gentle humanism. AmérAsia Montreal Asian Film Festival is integral in sharing and cultivating an Asian perspective for the Asian diaspora and our Western cinephiles. Here is an opportunity to learn, feel and express… From those legendary Taiwanese New Wave to the Philippine New Wave and everything in-between: Enjoy, debate and indulge. Bon cinéma!”

Erin Manning


Concordia Research Chair

Professor, the Faculty of Fine Arts at Concordia University

Founder of the Senselab


“For several years, Mi-Jeong Lee has made it her practice to create bridges between aesthetic and cultural questions that span Asia and Canada. A Korean curator and filmmaker, Mi-Jeong’s activities have not only been about making cinema available across cultures, but also about creating sites of cross-cultural exploration that challenge simple notions of communication and mutual intelligibility. At the 2014 iteraton of the Cine-Asie film-festival, this comes to the fore through the inventive platform of the Practioner’s Lab, which offers an exhibition and creation space for artists, both Asian and Canadian, who engage in research-creation practices in media and multidisciplinary arts. This site for experimentation will be the creative node through which the film-festival is itself experienced, a site for discussion, reorientation and the exploration of new bridges that seek not cultural intelligibility so much as cultural complexity. It is exciting for the SenseLab to be a partner in this venture.”

Emmanuel Moon-Chil Park

Film Director

Simon Sébastien

Director, Editor

Forest Ian Estler

Director, Cinematographer


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