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San Pattica is a mixed Cambodian-Cameroonian adult whose father is a Cameroonian soldier who came to Cambodia in 1992-1993 as United Nation peacekeeper. Since Pattica’s parents left home for many years, Pattica was raised by his grandmother. Challenge and difficulty in his family forced his grandmother to bring Pattica to study and live in an orphanage center. Pattica has become more interested in knowing about his own identity since he is a victim of discrimination in his daily life.

Director: Kavich Neang

Year: 2013

Genre: Documentary

Length: Feature

Runtime: 55mins


Country: Cambodia

Language: Khmer (English sub)

Production and Sales Company: Bophana Production

Kavich Neang, a Cambodian filmmaker who graduated in 2013 in visual communication at Limkokwing University in Cambodia. Neang started making documentaries since 2009 and in 2013, he directed his first middle length documentary film, “Where I Go” which was produced by Rithy Panh, a story of a mixed Cambodian-Cameroonian seeking his identity.

2013 International Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam

2013 Mumbai International Film Festival

2014 Vesoul International Film Festival of Asian Cinema

2014 Salaya International Documentary Film Festival

2014 Aperture Festival/ Asia Pacific International Ethnographic Documentary Films

2014 Chopshops Documentary Film Festival Best Southeast Asian Short

2014 The 6th European-Vietnamese Documentary Film Festival

2014 Binisaya Film Festival, Philippine

2014 SEA ArtsFest

2014 Cambodian International Film Festival

2014 Luang Prabang Film Festival

Canada premiere


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